Surprisingly, one of the most memorable experiences I have had in any restaurant happened tonight.

I was on a regular midweek restaurant visit. I was ready to head for my vacation after packing all my bags, and just wanted to meet my friends before leaving.

I visited this place where my friend works; it is the first time I dined here because of the price tag it has, just like any other fine dining restaurant.

However, I wanted to start my vacation put some happy note and I told myself, why not? I am really glad that I had taken that decision.

All of us should experience the atmosphere of a fine dining restaurant at least once in a lifetime as the exceptional memory it carries is priceless. After reaching, I got a complimentary valet parking. A nice way to start indeed. The restaurant has a nice floral smell and friendly hostess. They politely asked me whether I had any reservations. My partner drives me around and takes care of me, so moving isn’t much of an issue. Since my friend worked there, they knew I would come in a wheelchair, and gave us the largest table with plenty of space. Four people in a table of ten, during the rush hours – it just showed they cared.

As I was visiting one of my friends who is one of the employees of the restaurant, I told them that I do not have any reservations. The luxury Ambience of the restaurant is just amazing. High ceilings contain bright chandeliers, and natural light is keeping inside a restaurant in an amazing way combining with the artificial ones.

The overall atmosphere of the restaurant is beautiful. There is also Food bar inside the restaurant. You can also observe the activities inside the kitchen, a great place to visualise your foods getting prepared.

As a first time guest at the restaurant, I got a complimentary appetizer. I received a sake Martini with my tuna roll. The spicy roll was awesome. Then I opt for the crab cake, one of my favourites and the presentation and taste of the dish was mouthwatering. Every bite was melting in my mouth.

After that, they changed my dining sets, and I found hard to control my excitement when I saw the rice noodles arriving with a tropical spritzer. The hot stream was rising from my plate with an inviting smell of mushrooms and soy sauce. The noodles were so soft and tasty. I remain mesmerized with the heavenly experienced.

The dining experience was so stunning with exclusive service and well-executed dishes. It created a warm memory for me before going for the long trip. Everyone should treat them with a fine dining experience for their memories, and the restaurant just served me that.

What I really loved though, was their personal touch. They went out of their way to make me feel comfortable, and they asked me what I needed regularly. I have seen even waiters at other places trying to talk to my partner and avoid me, so yes, it is something that made me feel ‘normal’.

And I am sure most of my other disabled friends would agree, that actually is a big deal.